Statham Family in Florence, Italy - Summer 2011

From Left: Hannah, Travis, Emily, Alice, and Gary

 What type of woodwork does Statham Woodwork craft?

Our expertise spans all facets of design, engineering and quality craftsmanship. We develop and fabricate everything from tables and kitchens to our handcrafted specialty showpieces – fully paneled libraries.

Who is our customer?

We work with architects, builders, designers, and directly with homeowners. We will coordinate with all of the trades involved to be sure that every aspect of the job progresses smoothly. We have been in business for 25 years and know many of the pitfalls that can befall a less-experienced woodworker. Our up-front time spent in developing the drawings prevents many disappointments down the road.The majority of our work is in Greenwich, Connecticut along with other parts of Fairfield County, New York City, and Westchester County, however, we enjoy working on our customers’ other homes in places like Sarasota, Chatham and Boston.  

Statham Woodwork - Hard at Work

From left: Bety, Miguel, Carlos, Gary, Hannah, and Travis 



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Statham Woodwork, Inc. is a high-end custom cabinetry company founded by husband and wife team, Gary and Emily Statham. The company has grown since 1985 from a small shop in Greenwich, Connecticut to an impressive 8,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in South Norwalk, Connecticut. The Stathams’ commitment to their customers has earned them countless woodworking jobs from single-piece furniture projects to half-million-dollar cabinetry contracts, nationwide.


Gary Statham is the force behind the high-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail that the company is renown for. He learned the craft of woodworking as a child working alongside his father producing wooden plaques.  


Gary has always worked with his hands to create beautiful furniture and cabinetry. After graduating from Ohio University in 1972, he opened a Shaker furniture company with partner Andy Smiles. Their company, Statham Smiles, produced many beautiful Shaker pieces that are still enjoyed today. He decided after many years in Ohio to relocate to the East where he started Statham Woodwork in 1985.

His wife, Emily, with a degree in Chemical Engineering, left the business world to become a working partner with Gary in 1987 when the first of their three children was born. Emily now runs the business side and all three children have worked in the business.



Statham Woodwork recently added an additional 1500 sq feet to complete an 8500 sq foot manufacturing facility. Click above to view our workshop.