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How we create beautiful custom cabinetry for your home:

There are many ways that Statham Woodwork will help you to turn your vision into reality. The first step of the process will be a visit to your home to discuss your ideas and requirements for your space. After this visit, an estimate can be made from some sketches and square footage of the cabinetry to be built. Upon agreement of a budget, Statham Woodwork will design your cabinetry using the latest AutoCad software used by most architectural firms. The company has been using AutoCad for designing cabinetry since 1992. Once a design has been fine-tuned and a contract signed, comprehensive shop drawings will be generated. You will get exactly what is drawn down to 1/32”.  Because a computer is used to generate accurate drawings, the time is spent upfront and not on rework.

Once you approve the shop drawings the cabinetry will be custom built in our shop by a team of our experienced craftsmen.  



Before we begin construction on your cabinetry, however, a stain color needs to be determined (if other than paint-grade) to be sure we use the wood species needed to get the color you want. From our initial discussion, we will prepare a few color samples and fine-tune them from there if needed. Once a stain sample has been approved and all materials have been ordered, we are through all of the up-front work and ready for the fun part, which is making your cabinetry.

At Statham Woodwork, Inc. we make all of our own doors and moldings in our shop to give you the best quality. We do not order doors from a large factory, as their quality does not meet our standards. Because we have our own Weinig molder, we can make any molding profile you wish by having custom tooling made; we do not have to rely on the limited styles from lumberyards. We also get a superior finish on our moldings when they come out of the molder. 

We will keep you updated as to the progress of your job and ensure that all electrical, plumbing and other site requirements are ready for us. We will schedule delivery and installation. Our experienced installers will work as efficiently as possible to ensure the least disruption to your home.